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Chasiti Chambers
Took this pic downtown at a rooftop part
Downtown Austin, Texas

Chasiti Chambers is a filmmaker, electronic dream pop artist, vocalist, lyricist, actress, screenwriter, and podcaster living in Austin, Texas. She is also the founder of Interstellar Works and a former co-founder of Space Fire Films.

You can see her film work here:

Chasiti collaborates with artists musically and has been featured on:




* IndieFeed Podcast

* Epileptic Gibbon Music Podcast

   Episode 49: Hunt the Man Down

* Hypersonic Radio/101X

* The Buck Calhoun Show

   KSHU-FM 90.5 Arcata

   KHSR-FM 91.9 Crescent City-Brooking

   Humboldt State University

Chasiti Chambers is also known for her past live streams known as "ALMOST Live" with Chasiti Chambers ;) and CCIV streamed out of Austin, Texas, USA.

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-Music Film Singer  Songwriter Actress

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